The RTI CT Dose Profiler for Barracuda, Piranha and Cobia Flex has taken the CT quality assurance to the next level. Because of its revolutionary design it has transformed the CTDI measurement from being inaccurate due to underestimation of the dose for wide beams to be more exact. It also has the ability to further analyze the result – all in one shot.


Material acrylic plastic (PMMA)
Thickness 15 cm
Diameter 16 cm (head phantom)
32 cm (body annulus)
Hole arrangement (head phantom) One in centre, and four around periphery, 90o apart 1 cm from the edge.
Hole diameter 13 mm
Hole plug length 15 cm
Hole plug diameter 12.5 mm
Weight Head phantom 7 kg
Body annulus 9 kg

Body and head phantom with insert comes in a hard case with built-in trolley. The case has space for the head phantom and the body annulus, adapter plugs and a CT ionisation chamber.

The RTI Dose Probe is an external dose probe, designed to perform very low dose rate measurements for instance on image intensifiers.
To avoid or minimize interference with AEC (Automatic Exposure Control) on X-ray equipment, the probe is very small. This also enables to fit it into the table bucky. Since it is a solid-state detector, no corrections for pressure or temperature are needed. Neither is bias voltage.

The MAS-2 Probe is a current clamp probe for non-invasive measurement of mA (tube current) and mAs. The greatest advantages are that the probe is easy to use and safe. The probe is simply clamped on to the high voltage cable and then ready for measurements, no connection inside the X-ray generator is required. Together with your meter direct reading of mA and mAs as well as waveform are obtained.

Following parameters are achieved from a single exposure

Point Dose
CT dose profile
Performance of the AEC
FWHM (Full width at half maximum of the dose profile)
Geometric efficiency

RTI CT Phantom Set

​T20 is a solid state detector dedicated for measurements on Rad/Fluoro systems when it is crucial that the detector itself does not have any effect on the system output or disturbs the X-ray beam. 
It was developed mainly for measurements of the patient entrance dose (skin dose) and maximum dose rate in the radiographic and fluoroscopic field. Despite its small size, the T20 is completely protected from picking up backscatter.

The phantom set consists of one 16 cm head phantom with 5 holes, and a 32 cm body annulus with 4 holes. Both the CT Dose Profiler and the CT Ion Chamber fit in the phantom.

In situations when the CT has a fixed patient table, the Mover helps the CT Dose Profiler to slide through the CT X-ray field at a constant speed. With the Mover from RTI, the full dose profile of any beam width can be measured, both free in air and in a phantom. This is perfect for cone beam CT (CBCT) where it is just as important as for normal CT to know that the width of the beam is correct due to the relatively high dose distribution.
The RTI Mover “moves” the RTI CT Dose Profiler through any X-ray field at a constant speed.

The MAS-1 Probe is an invasive probe for the measurement of mA (tube current) and mAs. Together with Piranha or Cobia Sense  direct reading of mA and mAs as well as waveform are obtained. The MAS-1 Probe connects to the mAs socket of the X-ray generator and to the multimeter.

The MAS-1 Probe can be used to measure tube current for both fluoroscopic and radiographic exposures. The probe has a built-in low-pass filter with user-selectable bandwidth of 5 or 500 Hz and accepts a floating input range of ±90 V relative to ground.

The Piranha Panoramic Holder is specially designed for attaching the Piranha to dental panoramic equipment, or where the Piranha has to be attached to a vertical surface, e.g. Dental Cone Beam CT units, or a wall bucky. The holder can be mounted with an adjustable strap or magnets.