​Application centric software is a key element of a premium measurement system. Applying this software approach to a broad range of radiation detector hardware and data acquisition systems, ORTEC offers comprehensive nuclear measurement solutions that provide integrated hardware control, analysis, and display in a single, easy-to-use package.

General purpose MCA software suitable for a wide variety of uses: MAESTRO

Counting Laboratory and Health Physics Applications

Advanced Gamma Spectroscopy with HPGe Detectors: GammaVision
Alpha Spectrometry with SI charged particle Detectors: AlphaVision
GammaVision Productivity Add-on Software: Global Value
Custom Report Generators
Counting Lab Automation products
Efficiency Transfer (ET) calibration codes: ANGLE
Nuclide Library Data Base Manager: NuclideNavigator III
Whole Body Counting with NaI and Ge Detectors: Renaissance

Waste Assay and Nuclear Safeguards

In Situ Spectroscopy for site characterisation and containerised waste: ISOPLUS
Isotopic Ratio Determination of U and Pu (LLNL License): MGA
Isotopic Ratio Determination of U and Pu (LANL License): FRAM
UF6 Cylinder Verification
Nuclear Materials Holdup:HMS-4
Neutron Safeguards Applications: INCC

Homeland Security

Chemical Weapons Identification: PINS
Radionuclide Search System: NaI-SS
Detective ® Indentifier codes
Portal Monitor Codes
Neutron Source Identification: Fission Meter

Developer Support

“CONNECTIONS” MCA communications Toolkit: A11
Analysis Results Toolkit: A12