Cobia Smart is a straightforward and simple-to-use instrument for checking that the output from an X-ray tube is correct. Place it beneath the X-ray tube, make an X-ray exposure, and rapidly get an accurate reading. The measured values can be read directly from Cobia Smart’s large and clear display, even from a distance. No adjustments are required, making it exceptionally easy to use.

There are three versions of Cobia Smart for measuring a range of different radiography and fluoroscopy parameters. Select the model that suits your needs, and only pay for what you want to measure.

  • Cobia Smart R/F kV
  • Cobia Smart R/F Dose
  • Cobia Smart R/F kV & Dose
  • Cobia Smart R/F kV & mAs

Cobia Smart is perfect for anyone wanting to ensure that an X-ray device is functioning as it should. For example, Cobia Smart is ideal for checking fast and often that the kV and/or dose are not changing over time.