Pro-Dent CT mk II

​​The new Pro-Dent CT mk II phantom is a versatile quality control tool of dental Cone-Beam CT, Dental Volume Tomography (DVT) and other 3D imaging devices according to the Radiation Protection Report no 172 by SEDENTEXCT.

The phantom consists of a main PMMA cylinder that houses modules with different test objects. Thanks to this design, you can perform tests with devices with a small FOV at different positions in the 160mm phantom.

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Pro-Dent Set

​The Pro-Dent set is a universal set of phantoms for carrying out constancy and acceptance tests of conventional and digital dental X-ray units (intra-oral, panoramic and cephalometric).

This is not an all-in-one device where results of tests blur each other out. This is the only solution on the marketthat makes it possible to measure the X-ray beam collimation with a dental film or a digital detector.

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​Pro-Dent CT 161

Phantom for acceptance and constancy testing of 3D function of dental Cone-Beam CT, Dental Volume Tomography (DVT) and 3D imaging devices according to DIN 6868-161 and QS-RL.

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Pro-Dent CT

​The Pro-Dent CT phantom is an innovative solution for quality control of dental tomography systems and other X-ray devices with 3D function. It was developed in cooperation with leading producers of dental tomography units.

The size of the phantom corresponds to a human skull (15cm in diameter) and all test patterns are located in the area matching the maxilla. This allows for a reliable and quick testing of X-ray devices, even with a limited field of visualization. Also, quality is evaluated in the clinically essential region.

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