AccuFLEX LSC-LB7 is a low background liquid scintillation system with the world highest level of performance for detection limit, at the same time the highest level of resolution is achieved for tritium measurement.
Vials supported are 100mL, 145mL, and 20mL.

​Since 1962, when the first liquid scintillation system was developed in Japan, we have been leading the continuous technology innovations, generations after generations for nearly 50 years, to bring a new liquid scintillation system that perfectly matches with the 21st century.

Providing the necessary measurement results with speed, accuracy and simple operation, AccuFLEX LSC-8000 supports your liquid scintillation counting. 
3H and 14C regions can be counted at a resolution of 0.05 keV/ch.

​Hitachi's latest liquid scintillation system is born after R&D of over 50 years. LSC-8000 strongly supports a wide range of categories of liquid scintillation counting.
Designed to be a reliable partner of operators throughout the world, LSC-8000 incorporates many useful functions.
This model is also highly recommended as an alternative counter from old or non-supported models at your laboratory.

Survey meters are hand-held measuring devices for spatial radiation dose and radioactive contamination.
Optimal types can be selected from a large lineup according to use purposes.

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