Magnetic Resonance


Phantom for comprehensive evaluation of critical imaging parameters of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)in a time efficient manner. The phantom can be used for the measurement of absolute values for calibration purposes. However, its design is optimized for time efficient daily quality assurance too.

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Pro-MRI Agar

This stability (agar) phantom consists of a cylindrical phantom and agar material inside. Using this phantom a Signal to Noise Ratio, Signal Fluctuation to Noise Ratio, drift, and other imaging measures over a 100-volume or 200-volume fMRI scan can be performed. The agar phantom has characteristics similar to the T2 measures of a human head,but provides no change in signal. The T1 and T2 characteristics of the agar phantom at 3T are ~900 ms T1 and 30 ms T2.

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Pro-MRI SpineRect

Rectangular MRI phantom simulating attenuation of the human spine.

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