​This Image Quality Indicator is used for testing all important parameters of CR scanner systems according to ASTM E 2445-05, ISO 16371-1 and EN 14784-1 standards. It provides means to measure: spatial resolution, unsharpness, contrast, MTF, laser beam jitter, scanner slipping and shading.

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Non-Destructive Testing

Pro-NDT DuplexWireIQI

​This Image Quality Indicator is especially made for digital X-ray applications. It may be used to evaluate image unsharpness (film and digital images) and basic spatial resolution in digital images according to EN 13068 (Radioscopy), EN 14784 and ISO 13671 (CR - Computed Radiography with imaging plates), ISO 17636-2 (digital radiography of welds - flat panel detectors) or ASTM E 2597 (characterization of digital detector arrays). It may also be used to determine focal spot sizes.

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