Nova provides the easy way to check and document your light and X-ray field. A Nova is a star that releases a tremendous burst of energy, becoming temporarily extraordinarily bright. This is also what happens to our Nova. When the X-rays hit the surface, it lights up very brightly.

However, the RTI Nova is much more than a fluorescent screen. It is a complete solution which allows you to check the extension of the light field as well as the X-ray field. The fields are compared and documented in a clear, obvious and unbiased manner. It helps you to store and report the results in an easy way. And the best of all, Nova will work on all types of X-ray machines, both digital and analogue. It is also in accordance with international standards.

  • Nova - Rad
  • ​Nova - Rad Lite

​The Nova rulers can be placed in a cross or next to each other in a fan-shaped fashion. Every ruler is a sandwich construction consisting of a copper scale (so it can be seen on an X-ray image), a scintillator layer and on top a visual scale. Four orientation markers that run along the rulers are included. They are placed at the borders of the light field. These markers are also visible on the X-ray image.

A camera is included to easy capture a video of the fluorescence without being in the room. Since the markers also are visible in the snapshot, you can easily see the deviation between the two fields.