The ICS integrated electro-mechanical cooling system for HPGe radiation detectors from ORTEC exploits the latest generation in cryogenic technology to provide LN2-free operation with no loss of detector performance. 

GammaVision Gamma Spectroscopy

GammaVision is a comprehensive gamma spectroscopy application for high and low resolution spectrometer systems. It packs all of the basic and advanced features needed for accurate and consistent measurements in an intuitive interface that is easy to learn and operate. With embedded hardware controls, advanced spectrum analysis functions, automation for routine operations, quality control and security, GammaVision is universally fit for large scale production labs, nuclear power plants, research and education, automated monitoring systems, and many other applications. The methods employed are compliant with recognized national and international standards such as ANSI/ISO/ASQ 9001:2000, ASME/NQA-1-1989, and ASME/NQA-2a-1990 and ISO/DIS 11929.

DSPEC 50 and DSPEC 502 Digital Signal Processing Gamma Spectrometers 

​Hardware Features
• Single MCA (DSPEC 50) and dual MCA (DSPEC 502) versions.
• Highly stable against variations in count rate and temperature.
• PHA and List Mode acquisitions.
• Automated set-up: Automatic Pole Zero Adjust, Baseline Restorer, and Optimize.
• High throughput capabilities for high count rate applications.
• Digital spectrum stabilizer.
• USB 2.0 and Ethernet capability (TCP/IP protocol).
• Large front panel display for at-a-glance system status information.
• Support for all HPGe detector types, old and new.

​ORTEC is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of precision detectors, nuclear instrumentation, analysis software, and systems for industry, academia, and government agencies. The ORTEC product line includes High Purity Germanium radiation detectors and analysis equipment for Homeland Security, Nuclear Counting Labs, Health Physics, Scientific Research, Safeguards, Waste Assay and Non Destructive Assay applications.

As a global manufacturer, ORTEC brand products are used in a wide variety of nuclear measurements from research to applied systems including homeland security applications. ORTEC specializes in the design and fabrication of turn-key spectroscopy systems.

RADEAGLE State-of-the-Art Hand-Held, NaI Radioisotope Identification Device

​​Combining a large, high sensitivity, NaI(Tl) crystal with an intelligent algorithm, the RADEAGLE can quickly, accurately, and simultaneously detect and identify up to six isotopes, typically in under 30 seconds, even in complex shielded or masked scenarios.

ANSI 42.34 compliant, the RADEAGLE offers a user-friendly interface that is intuitive, simple to navigate, provides visual clarity, and utilizes an extensive array of alarms.

Incorporating decades of industry expertise in detection and identification algorithms along with advanced hardware, electrical, and software systems, the RADEAGLE is the hand-held RIID of choice.

DSPEC Pro Digital Signal Processing Gamma Ray Spectrometer

​The versatility of DSPEC Pro, brought about by the number of unique features and modes of operation, means that it is an ideal solution for a wide variety of applications. Its neat and compact packaging further enhance its applicability.

Digital spectrometers are inherently more stable than the analog variety of years gone by, and since the introduction of the original DSPEC, ORTEC has achieved the reputation as the supplier of instruments which represent the benchmark in stability, both relating to temperature and count rate.

MAESTRO Multichannel Analyzer Emulation

​​MAESTRO is a multichannel analyzer (MCA) “emulation” software package that is compatible with gamma and alpha spectroscopy systems in a wide variety of industrial, teaching, research, and other scientific applications. As with other ORTEC application software, Maestro uses the CONNECTIONS software/firmware layer to facilitate instrument control including hardware control functions, data acquisition, and automation for up to 250 detector systems across a local area network.  MAESTRO is an excellent choice for basic spectroscopy applications and comes standard with most ORTEC Multi-Channel Analyzers.

Featured products


ORTEC Products Group has released the ICS-P4, adding a new model to its highly successful Integrated Cryocooling System product line. The ICS-P4 extends liquid nitrogen (LN2)-free cooling to PopTop® High-Purity Germanium (HPGe) detectors, while simultaneously delivering premium detector resolution and high reliability.

Micro-Detective Ultra light, Portable Hand Held Radioisotope Identifier

​Accurate nuclide identification based on high resolution gamma spectroscopy with confirmatory neutron detection. (optional)
Definitive detection of illicit special nuclear materials (SNM) trafficking in seconds, in a battery operated instrument.
Fast, Simple and ULTRA-Reliable Classification of NORM, Medical, Industrial, and SNM isotopes, shielded and unshielded: ANSI N42-34 compliant.
Multiple uses (e.g.): Hand-Held Nuclide Identifier, Emergency Whole-Body Counter, Ad-hoc Portal Monitor, Search System, Food Monitor.
Gamma-Ray, SNM and Neutron Search Modes.
Rugged design for rough handling: dust and water proof (IP65 capable).
USB and Wireless 802.11 communications; built in GPS.
Wireless Mobile MCB Server software (optional).
Secure Digital (SDIO) slot.
Operating time of up to 5 hours on a single battery.
“Snap-open” battery door for rapid battery exchange with minimal down-time.
New improved silent running, low-power cryo-cooler.
Detective-Pro Integration Tool Kit sends information directly to remote, third-party applications.