Scintillation Radiation Detectors

​ORTEC offers a variety of scintillation based radiation detector solutions including Thallium-activated sodium iodide [NaI(Tl)] and Lanthanum Bromide [LaBr3(Ce)].

NaI(Tl) detectors are cost effective and available in multiple configurations and sizes. LaBr detectors offer improved performance through enhanced detector resolution, stability, and faster light decay time.

Both detector types rely on the fundamentals of gamma-ray interactions that generate light pulses, which are then detected in a photomultiplier and converted to a voltage pulse for further signal processing.

ORTEC also provides various electronics and shielding accessories to augment the performance of these scintillation radiation detectors to meet a variety of industry applications.

High Purity Germanium (HPGe) and Silicon Lithium [Si(Li)] Radiation Detectors

​Semiconductor based photon radiation detectors have been evolving for over half a century, with ORTEC pioneering commercial availability for a majority of that time. Initial offerings were based around lithium-drifted germanium Ge(Li) and lithium-drifted silicon Si(Li). Ge(Li) was later replaced with more advanced, high purity germanium (HPGe) detectors.  ORTEC provides a comprehensive suite of HPGe and Si(Li) radiation detector solutions covering an extensive range of energies and for a variety of applications.

Cryogenic cooling is required for germanium and silicon semiconductor photon radiation detectors.  In order to support various counting geometries, ORTEC offers  a wide range of cooling options ranging from standard LN2 systems, to advanced electro-mechanical cryocoolers such as ICS™.

These technologies enable ORTEC HPGe radiation detectors to be used world-wide in applications as diverse as nuclear structure physics to the prevention of illicit nuclear materials trafficking at the world's largest ports of commerce.

Radiation Detectors

High Purity Germanium (HPGe) and Silicon Lithium [Si(Li)] Detectors
Silicon Charged Particle Detectors
Scintillation Detectors

ORTEC is a leading supplier of solid-state, high resolution, semiconductor radiation detectors. These radiation detectors are used in research, commercial industry, environmental protection, health and medical physics, as well as homeland security to detect gamma-rays, X-rays, and charged particles.
As an industry pioneer, ORTEC was the first detector company to develop in-house high purity germanium (HPGe) crystal manufacturing in the early 1970’s. Since then the company has continued its leadership role in HPGe detector technologies by developing the first N-type HPGe detector and the first commercial electrically cooled HPGe detector. Recently, ORTEC released the Profile S & C Series wide energy HPGe detectors and ICS™, an advanced integrated electro-mechanical cryocooling system.

ORTEC also offers several HPGe alternatives for radiation detection. Customers may choose from a variety of Silicon Lithium Si(Li) detectors for X-ray applications; room temperature silicon charged particle detectors for alpha spectroscopy and research applications; or scintillation detectors for various room-temperature radiation detection applications.

Silicon Charged Particle Detectors

ORTEC introduced the first silicon surface barrier detectors for charged particle spectroscopy in the early 1960’s. Since then, ORTEC has expanded the product line with more than ten different options to choose from.

Whether your needs are standard alpha spectroscopy, or more exotic research requirements, ORTEC has the right detector solution for your application.