Pro-Dose Small Water

​Stationary water phantom for high energy photon dosimetry with all types of ionization chambers.

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Pro-RT CTsim

This phantom is designed for quality control of a CT simulator, which usually consists of a CT scanner, virtual symulator software and a laser marking device (marking of the centre of target volume). Since geometrical planning is the core of CT simulation, periodic quality control is essential for maintaining optimum image quality and patient care.The phantom allows to perform detailed geometry and table movement tests as well as image quality assessment - low contrast resolution and high contrast detectability.

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Pro-RT IsoBeam

​This is a multifunctional, precision quality assurance tool for daily, weekly or monthly quality assessments of all mechanical and geometrical treatment parameters of linear accelerators or teletherapy units.

It is designed to easily and accurately check collimator isocentricity, gantry isocentricity, table isocentricity, collimator field size accuracy, radiation/light field congruence, isocenter rotational stability, ODI accuracyand laser light alignments.

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