​Ocean 2014 is the diagnostic software to use with your RTI instrument. It displays your measurements and waveform's gathered on an easy to read screen. Ocean suits everybody's needs, it doesn't matter whether you want a full report or if you only want to use the computer as a display, Ocean adapts to you.

The Cobia Flex is just as easy as the Cobia Smart but with more possibilities. The Cobia Flex has an internal detector which offers the ability to connect different probes, ion chambers and has built in mAs. The measured values can be read directly from the large and clear display and can be stored in the Cobia Flex to read later.

​The Nova allows you to check and document the extension of the light field as well as the X-ray field.

​RTI provides complete quality assurance solutions for X-ray modalities and facilities. They have ”click & go” solutions – everything between basic service to specialists.

The Premium Kit is an easy and cost effective way to purchase a complete RTI QA package or all x-ray modalities. containing some of the most practical RTI tools, the Premium Kit saves both time and money with efficient pricing and thoughtful packaging.

The Black Piranha makes x-ray QA easy and fast. Connection is automatic, just plug n play. The Quick Check feature identifies the probes you insert and selects the optimum Piranha setting for your measurements. Sit back and let the Piranha do the work.