Instant Visualization

The Visi-X is based on a after-glowing phosphorus screen. Simply darken the X-ray room and place your Visi-X under the X-ray tube. Adjust the light field and make your exposure. The radiation field will immediately be visualized by the glow of the special phosphor compound. Misalignment down to ±1 mm will be clearly shown on the built-in scales (afterglow will last for several minutes.) No film is needed; therefore, no time is lost going back and forth to the film developer, if there is one.

Radiation/Light Field Analyzer

The Visi-X measures the alignment between radiation and light field and is a proven concept in Quality Control and Service. It is a cassette shaped instrument for checking the light and radiation field coincidence for X-ray equipment. The Visi-X can also be used for checking of the centering of the bucky tray.

  • Visi-X
  • Case for Visi-X